• Virtual Locking System

  • Retrofit

  • Robust Design

  • Surge Protection

  • NFC In-Built

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Many Ways to Control!

  • Google Assistant

  • Alexa

  • Siri

  • Mobile App

  • Manual Control

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Introducing Smart Retrofits!

Future is Here...

Enter to the New Era of smartness with Smart Retrofit of SRAC-Tech!

Take your Home into your Pockets with SRAC-Tech systems.

Budget Freindly Devices which are capable to transform your Ordinary Home to Inttelegent and Smart Home!

Explore All Retrofits in Shop!

Main Functions

  • Power Tracking

  • Share Home Access

  • Create Custom Scene

  • Smart Remote

  • Smart Entertainment

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More Features

  • Inbuilt Wifi

  • Control from Anywhere

  • Group Control

  • offline Control

  • Schedule and Routine

  • Workflow Management

  • Auto Turn-Off Timer

  • Running Hrs History

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No Re-Wiring Required

with SRAC-Tech Retrofits no need to Disturb your Existing wiring!

Get your Home Ready for Smartness without any Hassles. Our all Devices get installed with exisisting wiring.

Quick Response

With SRAC-Tech Advance Low Latency technology and Powerful App get immediate Response from devices!

Save Energy

Get full management of all your Home Appliances in your Hand, and with minor and granule level data like Running Hrs History, On/Off History and power monitoring, Pla the usage of all appliances and save Energy!

Add More Intellegence

SRAC-Tech Provides number of Features Like Workflows management, NFC Integration and more which helps your Appliance to make self Decisions.

Make your Home Surprise Ready

With Custom Scene, Schedules and Routines and much more, Now your Home is full of Surprises, whether want to give surpsrise for a Birthday Party or want to plan a surprise Date, leave control on SRAC-Tech and you enjoy your Moment!