Power Management = Smart Savings

Now manage and save electricity with SRAC-Tech.

Introducing Power Management Features with our Devices and Reduce your Electricity Consumption!

Monitor and analyze the usage of Heavy Appliance and automate them According to your Requirement. Our power monitoring Devices comes with additional surge Protection. Measure Real-Time power consumptions of your Appliances Track Running Hrs History and Analyze the usage. Take Total Control in your hand and manage the usage.

Smartly manage your Home Appliance and the usage and reduce your Energy consumption upto 30 percent!

Power Tracking Tab

Suffering from High Electricity Bill issues and have no Control and Track of it??

Introducing Smart Power Tracking and monitoring Fatures!

Keep Eye on your Power Consumption with Real-Time Data and also track your Power Consumption Day-wise, Week-Wise and Month-wise.

Running Hrs History

Don't have any track of usage of your Appliances and Devices??

No worries, we have a Solution!

Now with our Smart App, Completely Track the Usage of your Appliances or Devices and know from how many Hours your Devices is being used with Running Hour Histroy Features.

Group Control

Hectic managing all your Similar Devices Seperately??

Introducing Group control Features.

Now control all Similar Devices Simultaneously and get Rid of managing and Control deivces individually!

Schedule and Routine

Getting through Hectic Schedules and Routines?? Reduce some of the Stress and Make your Home Follow your Routine!

Schedule your Appliance as per your Requirments!

Set Routines to your Appliances and Devices as per your Routine and enjoy easy Flow and Rythm of your Work!

Smart Workflows

Add more Intellegence with Workflows. Workflow is an Advance option to create a complete feel of Automation in your Premise. Workflows provides decision making power to your appliances and devices based on certain Triggers.


set Timer to the Devices which you want to Turn off on a certian Period of time, and save electricity!