Got Bored with Traditional and one Style of Lighing??

Introducing Smart Mood Lighting Solutions to fill Colour in Room, House and Life!

Whether throwing a Party or watching movie or want to Read a Book, Lighting Requirements are never Same. Now Set and customize your whole Room and Home Lights along with Brightness as per your Mood.

Now Setting your Mood will Help you Save Enery as well! reduce Brightness as Per your Requirements, it will consume Less Power which Will Ultimately Help you Reduce power Consumption and Save Energy!

Enjoy your Custom Theme!

Bored with same Lighting pattern and Scene??

Now with SRAC-Tech change your Theme and Lighting Pattern and set custom Scene according to your Requirments and Mood!

Change Colour

Add a magical Touch to your Home with 16 Million Shades colour Change options and Tons of Preset Moods and custom Rainbow Pattern!

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Tunable Light Option

Tune your Home Lights and your Life as per your Mood!

Now with SRAC-Tech Tunable Light Driver, Set your 3 in 1 Lights to any shades between Warm White to Cool White!

Also you can set brightness as per your comfort!

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Dimmable Light Driver

Got Bored with same intensity of lights all the time??

Switch to SRAC-Tech Dimmable Drivers and have total control over the Brightness of Lights!

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