SRAC-Tech Brings Smart Door Lock, Loaded with Advance Features! The Smart Lock is a Conmbination of High Security with Cutting Edge Technology. With SRAC-Tech now locking and unlocking is a game fully loaded packed with all available ways of opening.

Smart Fingerprint Unlock

Unlock your Door with Superfast Fingerprint Sensing Technology

Smart Password Unlock

Make your Door more Secure with Password Lock and Unlock Features

Scrambling Code

Make your Door more secure and your Home More safe with Scrambling Code

OTP unlock

Want to hide your Password or have to give one time access to Someone??

Now possible with our OPT unlock Technology!

RF card Unlock

Too tired to try Fingerprint or any other ways?? Try RF card unlock with superfast sensing!

can also set time to open with RF card

Manual Keys

Traditional Ways with Keys Unlock is also available!

Mobile Unlock

Ring.. Ring.. Some is on your Door, and you dont want to go for opening?? Now open your Door from your Mobile Phone with SRAC-Tech Smart Door Locks

Battery Support

Run out of power Supply?

Don't worry our Smart Locks comes with Emergency Battery Support System.

Smart Door Lock- FPM

SRAC-Tech FPM smart door lock with fingerprint access. Stores upto 30 fingerprints. Super fast fingerprint detection technology.
It is Very Easy to install in all types of wooden doors with a single latch. Minimum thickness requires is 35-45mm.

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  • Fingerprint Unlock

  • Manual Keys Unlock

  • Emergency Battery Support

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Smart Door Lock- MMFK

Highly Stylish smart handle lock with multiple ways to unlock like, OTPs, temporary access, and all other smart app features. With wifi gateway, remote notification on door access, and view lock operation history.

This Lock also Supports Attendence!

  • FIngrprint Unlock

  • Password Unlock

  • OTP Unlock

  • Manual Keys Unlock

  • mobile Unlock

  • Emergency Battery Support

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Smart Door Lock -Ulti

Super Stylish in looks, smart Door lock which can be operted with multiple ways to unlock. Supports attendance system through fingerprint. Other ways such as number pad, mobile app, NFC Tag, OTP, and Manual Keys.

Suitable for homes, offices, hotels etc.

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  • Fingerprint Unlock

  • Password Unlock

  • OTP unlock

  • Scrambling Code unlock

  • RF card Unlock

  • Manual Keys

  • Mobile Unlock

  • Emergency Battery Support

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