Think Beyond Automation! Think IoT! Think SRAC-Tech

Beyond Automation , create an experience with smart and efficeint eco-system of SRAC-Tech. Enhance your Life-Style with advance Automation with Smart Solutions of SRAC-Tech. One Stop Solutions for your All Automation Desiers!

Introducing 3C and 3S for your Smart Home

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  • Control!

    Control Your Smart Home from Anywhere in the World

  • Comfort!

    Make your Home make Intellegent Decesions and you Stay comortable Relaxed!

  • Convenience!

    Have an Hectic Routine?No worries and No Hassles, Get Ease of Access of your Home which Follows you as per your Convenience!

  • Safety!

    Safegaurd your Home with Additional Layer of Safety with Surge Protection Technology!

  • Security!

    Monitor your Home on the Go! Set virtual Locks on Every Room that'll Smartly Notify about any Intrusions!

  • Surveillance!

    Keep Track of Usage of Every Appliance with Virtual Survillance Features Like, Running Hour History, On/Off History, etc.


Smart Control!

Take total control of your Home in your Hands! Make your home Follow you. Turn on/off, Schedule your Appliance, Set on/off Timer and Much more! Add intellegence to your Appliances and Make your Home Alive!

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Smart Mood Lighting!

Throwing Party! or want to turn your Reading mood on! Creating any Ambiance for Any Mood is Now just a click away. Set your Preference of colour and intensity as per your Requirment with our Dimming and Colour Controlling Devices!

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Smart Entertainment!

Relax! Chill! Enjoy your Binge! With our Smart Remote and in-App entertainment Control and Guide, enjoy your Favoratie shows and Binge without any Interuption.

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Smart Power Management

With SRAC-Tech don't Just operate your Devices and Appliance but take full Control in your Hand. with Tons of Data, Customize and Plan the usage of each and Every Appliance and Manage the Usage like Pro!

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Smart Security

Take a Step Closer towards more Smarter Scurity with SRAC-Tech Smart Sensors and Devices, get Real-Time Intrusion Alarms and Always Stay Notified about any Suspicious Activities.

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