Get Your One Room Completely Automated

  • No Rewiring Required

  • One Year Complete Guarantee

  • Built-In Wifi for Better Connectivity

  • Device Safety with 2.5 KV Surge Protection

  • Virtual Lock for Additional Layer of Security

  • Get Appliance Running Hrs and Device Usage History

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This Device is Empowered with our Smart App!

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                          Light Control.

             Fan along with Speed Control

     Temperature Based AC and Fan Control

IR Blaster Built-In with 60 Lakh Remotes                                     Integrated

  • Easy to Install

    No Specially Trained and Skilled person Required. Device Can be installed by normal Electrician Also.

  • Control From anywhere in the world

    Stay Connected to your Home Control your Appliances from anywhere in the world

  • No Rewiring Required

    No Additional wiring is required to install the switch. Just Need to be connected with your Existing Switches

  • Real-Time Status Update 
    Get Real time Status Update of your Devices whether they are turned on/off even if someone operates manually.
  • 10 Minutes Configuration
    After installation, you Need to Configure Device with our Smart App which is Very Easy Process and Hardly Takes 5 Mins
  • Quick Response

    Unlike others, our Devices are super fast in Response. Time for Response is as low as Negligible.

Some More features

In-Built Wifi

Sense Universal Comes with Built-In wifi System, that Means no Hub is Required to Control Device

Offline Control

Internet Down?? No worries when SRAC-Tech is Here. Our Offline Mode Allows you to Control your Device without Internet with LAN Mode.

Manual Control

This Device is Loaded with powerful Automation Features, yet has Simplicity of Use. Control all your Devices Manually also

NFC Enabled

All of our Devices are Enabled and Loaded with Latest NFC Technology. NFC makes Automation Experience more easy and Hassle free.

Surge Protection

Safe-guard your Appliances from Sudden Electrical Surges. Our Devices are Designed to withstand upto 2.5 KV of surge.

Robust Design

Designed and Developed to Deliver Quality and to Last long. High Grade of Materials are used to ensure end to end Quality and Performance.

Don't Renovate but Redefine your Lifestyle

Rs. 6,500.00Rs. 8,826.00  - 26% OFF  
  • Makes your One Room Completely Automated
  • Control your Two Switch and one Fan along with your All IR Appliances.
  • Get Access to more than 60 Lakhs of Remotes and InApp Entertainment Guide.

  • Create Temperature Based workflows. Eg : When Temperature is Above 28 Degree Set AC to 23 Degree and Fan Speed to 2

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Appliances you can control

Why Buy this Product?

                                                                                                                Save Electricity

                                                                                    Automation Adds Value to Your Home

Low Maintenance Required for SRAC-Tech Devices

Enhances your Appliances Safety with Surge Protection Feature

See Details of your Appliances Usage that when and Who operated and Track their Running Hours

Control your Appliances from Anywhere in the World

Add a Touch of Intelligence with more comfort and Convenience 
   with Virtual Lock Feature Add and Additional layer of
   Security to your Home. 

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Retrofit Sense Universal
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Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help

Does After installing in One Switch Board can i Operate TV and AV without Connecting with this Switch?

Yes! you can Operate your AC and TV and more IR Appliances with in App Remote without Connecting them to this Switch. As our Device has In-Built IR Blaster.

Does this Device will show Temperature?

Yes! Not only it will Show temperature but Also you can Create Temperature based workflows which is mentioned in this page!

Can I Save electricity with this Device?

Yes! you can save electricity with this Device if you Cut Down the unwanted usage of Lights and other Electrical Appliances. Monitor your Usage of device and Plan the usage to maximize Electricity Savings

Is it hard to install and use?

No! Absolutely not! our Devices are very easy to get installed and configured with our Smart App! Also we have Developed a very user Friendly App which anyone and any Age Group People can use easily!

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